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It is the largest agri-food park in the world. Discover the essence of FICO thanks this tour which leads you in every hidden corner of the park to discover the beauties of Italy: fields, shops, markets, workshops and places where you can taste the Italian food. Visit FICO led by the Biodiversity Ambassadors who will serve as park “storytellers”, sharing information to make your experience more exciting and engaging.

The trip starts from the 20.000 mq of the external area where you can discover the main italian crops and the animals that best represent our area. Our Biodiversity Ambassadors led you in the beating heart of FICO: here you can admire the 40 workshops where peasants will teach you the secrets of the Italian tradition. From the work to tasting, the tour follows long the FICO food court where you will find the biggest culinary offer of the world, in particular the italian cusine from the origin to the present day experimentation.

Finally, it’s worth a walk in the shop area to discover the Made in Italy style.

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